Christabel Annora Dari Jauh Single
Photo by: Hendisgorge
Christabel Annora Releases “Dari Jauh” and That Makes Us Miss Her More!

Malang is a relatively small and quiet place, it got quieter when Christabel Annora decided to leave the city to pursue her study in UK. Amidst her busy schedule of studying, Ista as she often referred does not forget about her music or her hometown. She released a song  called “Dari Jauh” on digital streaming services which talks about the feeling of homesickness. She composed and wrote the song herself and recorded the song right at Edinburgh, the city where she is studying at the moment. She was assisted by Wilson Lisan who filled in the clarinet part in this song. It turned out that Wilson hails from Yogyakarta and is currently pursuing his study in UK as well. As she talks about the meaning behind this song, it was revealed that her own experience as well as others who travel far away from home prompted her to write “Dari Jauh”. “This song is about people who are far away from home. It could be due tow work, studies, or else. This song is aimed to give them moral support,” said Christabel Annora.

The feeling of sadness and loneliness are captured well in this song, especially if you miss your home or your mom’s cooking *sob*. To make her days less sombre, Ista is actively seek out new adventures by joining big band orchestra that requires her to pay attention to the music sheet and harmonize with other musicians. “The process of recording this song didn’t change from what I used to do. It only became much more simple. I only wrote lyrics, then played onto the keyboard, due to restricted time and equipments,” she admitted. The song was recorded and mixed by Danny Herbert at Post Electric Studio, Edinburgh and mastered by Bamban Iswanto at Nero Studio, Malang. After stating that Paul McCartney, The Carpenters, the late Yockie Suryoprayogo, Chrisye and Curt Boettcher as her muse, she also spilled the news about her sophomore album. So far, she have recorded three songs in total and there will be more from the soloist and pianist. Let’s listen to the lovely tunes from Ista and reminisce our best moments at home with “Dari Jauh” below. Psst, the lyrics video is coming out soon.