Lalala Fest 2018 Style Guidance
Photo: Driely Carter
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Style Guidance for Your Lalala Fest 2018 Experience!

Lalala Fest 2018 is fast approaching and we could not be more excited to participate on the international forest festival in Bandung. Being held on 10 March 2018 at Orchid Forest Cikole, Lembang Bandung by THE Group, the event manages to attract the interest of music enthusiast, party goers and young generation who seek for something new in terms of festival.  Lalala Fest brings a new wave of festival with a forest ambience and international artist as one of the main aspects of the festival. But is the music the only main course to make this event more festive? Hell no, because style and fashion are a huge part in making your experience more complete. Here are the styles that you could copy, observe, or do in preparation for the festival!

Men’s Zone

  1. Bohemian Style

We bet you know what this style looks like and most of them are everywhere, mostly in a nature or forest themed events. Men who choose this style are known for Bohemian pattern scarf, bohemian accessories like headband, bracelet, a simple shirt/tee, and sneakers. You could wear a part of the aforementioned articles, or donning the whole look. Bohemian style looks similar to the gypsies. Sometimes, Bohemers wear trippy pattern shirt with a soft cotton material like Bali’s souvenirs tee. Folk, reggae, psychedelic, rock, or any of their derivatives become the musical influence of this style.

Items : Bohemian pattern scarf, headband, bracelet, tie-dye shirt, Bali’s souvenir tee, sandals, rattan bag, totebag, aviator sunglasses
Muse : Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Depp, Roberto Cavalli Men Spring 2017 Collection

Lalala Fest 2018 Style Guidance
Roberto Cavalli Spring 2017
  1. Casual Style

This one is the way to go, for every men who only go to Lalala to accompany their girlfriend or their friends. They’re not so interested with the music or maybe are just interested with a few artist. Casual styled men do not dress to impress, but they dress according to their own comfort and current weather. Because the venue is located in the forest in a high plateau, so they already predict an ice cold weather. The combination of outerwear, simple tea, and jeans are the three inseparable formulas. There were some people who wear casual band tees as well. But sometimes they hardly even know the act, so make sure you know what you wear.

Items : T-shirt, hoodie/parka/sweater/jeans jacket, jeans/chinos, sneakers, band tee.
Muse : Elephant Kind, Petra Sihombing, Gerald Situmorang

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  1. Hypebeast Style

We doubt you’ll go the extra mile to wear branded stuff for a forest festival, especially considering the chance of rain that could ruin your newest Yeezy shoes. But, who gives a f***. Famous brands surely can catch our attention during the event. Brands such as Anti Social Social Club, A Bathing Ape, Off White, Vetements, Champion or maybe the greatest streetwear brands Supreme are few examples of items that you could wear. For shoes options, do not forget about Yeezy, Nike Air Max, or the conspicuous sneakers Vans.

Items : Whatever pricey street wear brands you could find or borrow
Muse : Uya Kuya, Kanye West

Lalala Fest 2018 Style Guidance
Seoul Fashion Week street style
Cr: Hypebeast
  1. Eclectic Style

Actually, this is for you who don’t know how to dress, or have too much options for an outfit. This unidentified style is like a UFO which flies everywhere during the festival.There might be a combination for tropical themed shirt, with short khakis, colorful furs and flip flops (you might wanna check again that this is a forest festival, not beach one). Only you could rock it, and this is how you could grab the attention from anyone. Be outrageous and creative!

Items: Put together the weirdest item and make it work!
Muse: Bryan Boy, G-Dragon

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Women’s Zone

  1. Bohemian Style

If there’s bohemian style for men, the same applies for woman too. Bohemian women wear more complex style, they will wear a lot of accessories to look like they live with the forest or actually have been there for a long time. This style is classic and you could copy the style from the hippies women in the 70’s. Woodstock is the best festival to get your Bohemian style reference.

Items: Bootcut jeans, loose shirt, sun dress, headband, ethnic headdress.
Muse: Elda of Stars and Rabbits, Joni Mitchell, Janis Joplin, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

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  1. Summer Style

Some women dress to impress and they do not let the weather to decide what they could wear. So, instead of getting a comfy parka, they choose summer inspired outfit.  Mesh dress, tank-top, or bralette are few items you will see on festivals like Coachella. The look is complete with the help of hot-pants, shorts and more. Flower crown, hoop earrings, and tiny sling bag are the accessories you should choose for this look. P.S: We highly suggest you to bring an outerwear, please, only Elsa from Frozen who is not bothered by the cold.

Items: Bralette, tank top, hot pants, off shoulder top, sheer/mesh outfit
Muse: Kendall Jenner, Awkarin, Hailee Steinfeld

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  1. Heboh Style

Forget about getting casual, it’s either you dress up or never leave your house at once. This style reminds you of a princess who leave their castle to join the peasants. Dresses, over the top attire, bold colored wardrobe or costumes might be your choice of style. This one is a head turner for sure.

Items: Unicorn themed outfit, cosplay outfit, fur (or faux fur), sunglasses, earrings, bangles, etc.
Muse: Diana Rikasari, Susie Bubble, early days of Lady GaGa, Cardi B on any awards ceremony.

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  1. Hypebeast Style

Nowadays, Hypebeast succeeds to inject their way of thinking to the millennials no matter what their gender is. Different from Hypebeast Men, you could choose to wear crop tees, or crop jacket, distressed denim, sporty pants and of course, sneakers. The look is complete if you took the squatting pose, to better accentuate your *pricey* sneakers.

Items: Sneakers, sporty outerwear, cropped t-shirt, cropped tank top, baggy pants, jogger pants, baseball cap
Muse: Adrianne Ho, Aleali May, Kallula Harsynta of KimoKal

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No matter what style you choose to wear for the festival, remember to always have fun and spend a great time with your loved ones!
P.S.: Bring your own rain coat, just in case. Bring your own medicine as well and comply with the general rules of the festival.

Writer: Chalif Rafi/Editor: Novita Widia