Dialog Dini Hari Sediakala SingleDialog Dini Hari Show Their Fragile Side on Single “Sediakala”

Men are known to be creatures filled with ego, selfishness, and self-centered approach. Who knows that it could all change when their offspring was born? The feelings and new experience were captured on Dialog Dini Hari‘s latest single called “Sediakala”. The folk band hailing from Bali recently got together once again to share their newest work. “Sediakala” tells about the longing for their little ones. It is not an explainable feeling, that could shake a man’s heart down to its core. The single captures the fragile side of a father who has to part ways with his children. It is said to showcase the personal experience from Dialog Dini Hari which is something new for them. Released on 20 February 2018 via Rain Dogs Records, “Sediakala” also becomes a new direction for DDH’s music. Their folk bluesy tunes now sounds lighter, and doesn’t even contain blues anymore in it. Instead, they create an emotional piece which hopefully could make the listeners relate to their feelings.

The song will be included on the band’s upcoming fifth album which is planned to be released sometime this year. In conjunction  with the single release, DDH also uploaded the official lyrics video for this song. It shows a boat cruising across a vast ocean with a white horizon. The artwork for this single was created by Tika Wangsa. “Sediakala” was recorded at Straw Studio, Seminyak, Bali by Deny Surya. It was then mixed and mastered by Lengkung Langit by Deny Surya as well. Dialog Dini Hari previously released their album called “Tentang Rumahku” in 2014. Having spent four years without releasing new material as a group, DDH’s members like Pohon Tua (Dadang) and ZIO (Brozio Mikael) were active as soloists and have released their solo albums. This mark the grand return from the band. Let’s check out “Sediakala” below.