Umar Haen Di Jogja Kita Belajar SingleLearning About Jogja’s Education with Umar Haen’s Single “Di Jogja Kita Belajar”

Yogyakarta is not only a city that offers a high rated education institutions, it also becomes a melting pot for students from all across the country to learn about new culture. The phenomenon did not escape the keen eyes of Umar Haen, a folk soloist hailing from the city of gudeg, Books, parties, and sex become the three things that complement each other. On his third single called “Di Jogja Kita Belajar”, the singer want the listeners to understand the culture of students in Yogyakarta. Umar Haen himself has been a college student in Yogyakarta for 7 years, of course, he experiences all those things first hand. Using his own experiences and tell tales from his friends, he tries to deconstruct the myths behind the life of a college student in Yogyakarta. He believes that experiences can be gained elsewhere besides from the class. Those experiences are the essence of youth, and he said that everyone must have had a different limitation on how to have fun while studying, or vice versa. “I believe that experience and lesson do not always come in power point presentation, pages of essays or approval signatures from the lectures. Me and my friends learned through our hang out places, late night conversations, and direct experiments,” said Umar Haen.

Umar Haen Di Jogja Kita Belajar SingleUpon acoustic guitar and kick drum instruments called “Arok”, Umar Haen showcases his heavy timbre and sing aloud about Yogyakarta’s best kept secret. We fell in love with his vocal color that reminds us with Is from Payung Teduh combined with Iwan Fals and Iksan Skuter. He continues to sing about the local scene and his experience in an almost five-minute long song. Before releasing “Di Jogja Kita Belajar”, Umar Haen has revealed “Kisah Tentang Baju” and “Kisah Kampungku”. His three singles speak volumes about humanity, youth, as well as social issues. He worked with artist Kanosena Hartadi to visualize this single into a lyrics video. He hopes this song could be a ‘learning’ anthem for students everywhere. Check out Umar Haen with “Di Jogja Kita Belajar” below before he drops his album this year.