Hutan Hujan Gradasi Alam SadarHutan Hujan Bring Fun Folk on “Gradasi Alam Sadar”

Hutan Hujan, a folk band hailing from Malang have released their second single called “Gradasi Alam Sadar” last month. The single was a new effort from the band after they released their first single “Hutan Hujan”. The reason they chose this single to be their second release is the distinction of both vocalists’ characters that present on this track. The concept is also entirely different compared to their first single, so the listeners will not be bored by their music. “Gradasi Alam Sadar” talks about the state of sleeping when someone is drifting off to the dream land. They could imagine almost anything that come to their minds and this inspired the band to create a song about it. With minimalist music arrangement, the band let the listeners interpret this song according to their own thoughts. The addition of drums and electric guitar indeed make this song sound a little less folk-ish, but then again, what do we know about folk and its derivatives. Then again, Hutan Hujan stated that they want to bring different influences on each single.

Nadhira Amalia (vocal), Iwan Ruby (vocal & guitar) and Bhaskara Pamungkas (guitar & keyboard) from Hutan Hujan plan to reveal their work one by one. Their single strategy is hoped to keep their peers and listeners updated with their sound and show the band’s versatile sound. They want to convey a message that even in the most limited environment, music and art can still be created. “Gradasi Alam Sadar” also contains a meaning that even though hope and beautiful visions could not be realized right there and then, at least we can try to make it come true in real life. Listen to “Gradasi Alam Sadar” by Hutan Hujan on its lyrics video below.