Iloa May I? Goodnight Sweethear Pt.2 SingleListen to Iloa’s Rework for “May I? (Goodnight Sweetheart Pt. 2)”

Starting from a song written by soloist, Leo Hastadhy, folk band Iloa reworked it into a brand new song titled “May I? (Goodnight Sweetheart Pt. 2)”. The band hailing from Bandung were so smitten with this song and decided that they could make it better with a few changes. It’s not that the original isn’t good, but they do this re-work as an homage for their favorite song. Jarwo (vocal/guitar), Isa (guitar), Iqbal (bass), Tama (keyboard), and Maul (drum) reconstructed this song from its composition and instruments. They added a few more minutes to the song, thus it becomes a 4 minute and 50 second track. Now you can also hear a more full instruments in this song, compared to the acoustic guitar only instrument found on the original one. The new format enables this song to be performed on a bigger stage by Iloa. A saxophone section was also added towards the end of the song making the whole vibe of “May I? (Goodnight Sweetheart Pt. 2)” elevated to a new level.

Iloa May I? Goodnight Sweethear Pt.2 SingleThe new version created a different ambience making it suitable for an intimate moments that you spend with your loved ones in the nature. You might also notice the lyrics change from the original as Iloa wanted to express a brokenhearted feeling rather than love. The single is the first step from the band before they release an EP which is planned to be launched within this year. The concept of their mini album is correlated songs that contain interlinked stories. Sadly, for you who have fallen in love with this single, the song won’t make it to their upcoming EP. So we suggest you to take a high dose of this song before their EP arrives. “May I? (Goodnight Sweetheart Pt. 2)” is available on digital format through Spotify or Youtube.