Swara Derma - Sheila on 7
Swara Derma – Sheila on 7
Sheila on 7 Present Various Sound Layers on Latest Single “Film Favorit”

Too long, is what we can muster when talking about Sheila on 7. It took the band four years to release their new endeavor in the form of single called “Film Favorit”. Released digitally on January 29th, this marks the first new music from the band hailing from Yogyakarta after they released “Musim Yang Baik” album. This music is also the first result from the band’s decision of going independent after deciding not renewing their contract with Sony Music. Under their own label, 507 Records, Sheila on 7 has gathered some materials for their next venture. Once again, Eross Candra was the brain behind “Film Favorit”. If you have been a loyal follower to Sheila on 7, you would not be easily convinced that this song belongs to the band if it’s not for Duta’s distinctive vocal character. As cited on CNN Indonesia, Eross was inspired by the love life of his friend who struggle to find a soulmate. The song tells about the strive for finding and keeping the person you love, just like a hero on a movie. Taken from the previous source as well, the guitarist and composer of Sheila on 7 was inspired by movie “The Pursuit of Happiness” when he wrote the song.

Sheila on 7 Film Favorit SingleSheila on 7 admitted that they were going on a different route this time around, by bringing a wider selection of influences for their new records. From the beginning of “Film Favorit”, you could listen to various layers of sounds. There are synths, powerful drums, and piano being the core of the song. It resulted in thicker voices, different from So7’s simpler pattern on previous records. The first verse of the song could fit better as a bridge towards the chorus. Simply put, the record is not captivating enough for the first single albeit still having a strong characteristic of the band. What do you think about “Film Favorit”, could it be your ‘lagu favorit’? The single can be listened through Spotify, iTunes, and many more from 29 January 2018.