Wake Up Iris! A U R E O L E Album Release DigitalWake Up Iris! Release Debut Album “A U R E O L E” Digitally

After much teasing, eventually the debut album for folk band hailing from Malang, Wake Up Iris! is finally out. Titled “A U R E O L E”, the album is revealed on digital platforms on 24 January 2018, before they are sent to the shelves on your favorite record stores. Bie Paksi and Vania Marisca of Wake Up Iris! created this album after finishing their Prelude showcase tour across Jakarta and Bandung in 2017. Beforehand, the duo have also revealed the live forest session of single “Rain’s Tale” in the beginning of 2017 and another single called “Metanoia” on Spotify in April 2017. The debut album was released in conjunction with their three year mark after they first set foot on stage. So many things have happened to this musical project in those period, making this album a fruit of their hard labor. The debut album aims to introduce the band in a more comprehensive way than previous releases, making their brand and unique musical quality more known to the public. This album’s philosophy is like traveling both physically and mentally. It talks about the high spirit to spread kindness from within, anger towards volatile humanity, and longing to travel and find homes in between journey. For short, this album is the first stepping stone towards more greatness we’ll be able to witness from Wake Up Iris! in the future.

They got the inspiration for this album from nature, especially when they traveled across mountains at Gowa, Makassar last year. They try to provide the perfect sound design for their music character in Indonesia’s ever-changing music industry. The artworks which tell about microcosmic and macro-cosmic were created by Kongsi Rupa Macan Unggulan, a design studio situated in Malang to better convey the message that the band wrap within this album. The band are ready to take their violin, kick drum, and guitar on the road with a planned tour starting in April – May. Several cities across Indonesia have been included on their list, although they haven’t spilled all the details. Welcome to Wake Up Iris! universe with “A U R E O L E” which will be available on Spotify and iTunes soon. Get more details about the album here and pre-order the CD as well.