Wake Up Iris! "A U R E O L E" AlbumWake Up Iris! Prepare Debut Album “A U R E O L E”

Have you heard the news? Folk duo Wake Up Iris! are currently starting a countdown for their debut album release titled “A U R E O L E”. The album is planned to be released at the end of January making it the first time ever for the duo to reveal a full lenght album, although they have been in music industry for quite some time. Created by Bie Paksi and Vania Marisca, Wake Up Iris! began their journey in 2015 and this album is the fruit of their long time dream. “We want to introduce ourselves to the listeners, the music of Wake Up Iris! which is simple, honest, and raw,” they said. Although the duo will release their debut album, it can be said that they have experienced a lot of things including performances on several prolific stages down to a showcase tour in Jakarta and Bandung. Their project was recently won Go Ahead Challenge Award for excellence in music and originality. Through this album Wake Up Iris! want to convey spirit, anxiety, and hope that are interpreted through their music and visual. In the visual department, they work with Kongsi Rupa Macan Unggulan to visualize 7 tracks in this album with the theme microcosmic and macro-cosmic.

Wake Up Iris! "A U R E O L E" Album
“A U R E O L E” CD

“A U R E O L E” are mostly inspired by their actual experience while they were traveling, meeting new people with new stories and when they isolate themselves and decide to blend in with nature. One of the song that you could find in this album was inspired by their trip to the mountains in Gowa, Makassar in 2017. Using minimalist musical instruments like nylon guitar, violin, kickdrum and tambourine, Wake Up Iris! are serving us a different kind of folk music that bring a natural nuance in it. They want to convey a message that you have to break all the impossibilities and dare to be yourself with their work. For you who love band’s collectibles, you can pre-order their CD bundle that comes with a special totebag or you can pre-order the CD only. Contact their number at 082216-3366-16 (Willy) or visit their official website www.wakeupiris.com.