Brigade 07 Punk Love Story Video“Punk Love Story” Video from Brigade 07 Shows Punk’s Love Affair

Brigade 07 are back with another music video in the beginning of 2018. The band who have released their second full length album “No Regret” via TWEC Records previously released a music video for their lead single “Bermimpilah”. This time, the pop punk unit revealed the music video for “Punk Love Story” to welcome the new year. Directed by Angga Saputra Abadi, their second music video was shot around the city of Malang, the band’s hometown. It tells about the relationship between two people who always share their stories and spend quality time, from riding bike together and watching gigs together. Sadly, their relationship goes to an uncertain direction with they finally had to split due to unforeseen circumstance. It took the band a year apart to release another music video from the same album, since the band were busy touring to 24 cities to promote “No Regret”. The frontman of Brigade 07, Galih Babi, said that they picked this song as their second single since has a catchy lyrics and easy listening melodies.

Angga as the director also found joy while shooting this video. “My experience of directing for Brigade 07 was really fun, assisted by a solid team. Alhamdulillah the process went well and hopefully the viewers are happy with this music video,” remarked the director. Once again, Tio Setiawan from Elora Pictures who shot the band’s music video for “Bermimpilah” participated in the second video as a producer and director of photography. The pop-punk band have become a staple name in the punk scene of Malang, bringing their spirit and live music to cities across Java and beyond, for example Negara, Kuta, and Denpasar Bali as well as Mataram, Lombok. You could also saw the highlight of their tour on their vlogs that have been uploaded on their Youtube official channel. Meanwhile, enjoy the latest music video from Brigade 07 for “Punk Love Story” below.