Sal Priadi Kultusan SingleSoloist Sal Priadi Debuts with Artistic Single “Kultusan”

New year means new act will emerge in the music scene, and Sal Priadi might be the one you want to keep an eye on. The soloist from Malang has just debuted a new single called “Kultusan” under GZZ Records. The 25-year-old soloist crafts his music around dramatic and poetic delivery in its lyrics. Listening to “Kultusan” needs to be done more than once, because each time you listen to it, you’ll find another layer of meaning inserted behind this song. Sal’s husky voice really matches well with the overall ambience and if you’ve seen him play live. You’ll see that this man is one of the musician to watch out in 2018. His debut single tries to give an answer to why that people alway forgive those who have hurt us the most. The string arrangement that was mixed and arranged by Mahatamtama and Derry Haudin from Coldiac helped to build this song to a grander vibe.

Sal explained that he wrote this song four years ago, but never found enough courage to perform it in front of a crowd. The new Sal Priadi has finally found the ego boost he needs and we’re here for it. Beforehand, he used to perform with simple instruments and recorded his songs and poems on Soundcloud and Youtube. “Kultusan is the first step, like a commitment so that I never stop creating. Without much consideration or hesitation to share it to a lot of people, hopefully you could continue enjoy my work so I live, persist, and continue my hopes through my works. In return, I might as well keep you alive (re: with his songs),” said Sal. As the singer suggests, you should listen this song with a glass of wine and a long contemplation. “Kultusan” has been released on digital platforms since 22 December 2017 and the artistic artwork makes us eager to watch the music video!