White Shoes and The Couples Company Dana Express Music VideoWhite Shoes & The Couples Company Reveal “Dana Express” Visual

The thirst for anything White Shoes & The Couples Company related, could not be any more severe as the band only released soundtrack or unofficial singles in the span of four years. Lastly, the vintage pop band reveal the music video for their 2016 single “Dana Express” through their official Youtube channel. On 30 December 2017, the music video created by Sinema Pinggiran was uploaded as a treat for the band’s listeners. “Dana Express” talks about the difficulties faced by the low income families or individuals as they struggle to make meet ends. All the members of White Shoes & The Couples Company showcase their acting ability through the roles assigned for them in this music video. Living on a simple flat, Aprilia Apsari acts as a housewife who has to tend for her husband and son. Ale acts as that lazy husband who is up to no good. Uncle John acts as the regular resident of the flat. While Ricky Virgana is a violin teacher whose pupil lives just upstair. Aprimela steals the scene as the sexy neighbor you wish you had. All of them have the same condition, they are in dire need of express cash and day off. The lyrics in the song is a grim portrayal of what labors had to face during the end of the year.

White Shoes and The Couples Company Dana Express Music VideoWhen everyone seem to party and have a great time, their lack of money could only add more to their already existing problems. “Pak Direktur kami lelah kandas harapan berlibur, senja indah di akhir tahun kami pun ingin bersuka” are few lyrics taken from “Dana Express”. Uploaded on the band’s Soundcloud in 2016, the song has received warm welcome from the listeners who use this song as their consolation towards the reality. We believe any proletarian could relate a lot to this song with the lyrics written by Sari. The song was previously included in an anti-corruption album compilation in late 2015 called “Frekuensi Perangkap Tikus Vol. 2″. Watch the video of “Dana Express” below.