Rio Satrio Telusur Bumi TourFolk Singer, Rio Satrio Embarks on A Tour Across Java

Folk singers from Borneo are a force to be reckoned with. After we were swayed by the tunes of Manjakani from Pontianak or sentimental folk music by Irine Sugiarto from Samarinda, another musician by the name Rio Satrio is ready to spread his music in Java island. The singer from Samarinda first saw rise in his career after his song “Cerita Daun dan Bumi” went viral after an indie curated playlist on Youtube picked it up. It was then developed into a full length album with the same name and released back in 29 September 2017. Rio Satrio is now embarking on a tour across Java to introduce his music a tad deeper than his viral single. It has started on 29 November in Surabaya then it was continued with a show last night in Malang. There will be other 11 schedule yet to be done according to his tour flyer and in total, Rio will visit 7 cities and 13 spots. As a tour always bring entourage, this time Rio Satrio will go on his own without a road manager, crew, whatsoever.

Rio Satrio Telusur Bumi Tour
Tour schedule

“I just want to do things on my own, so if there is some mistakes I won’t blame anyone and learn from it. If it succeeds, I’ll become glad since it is my own effort. Moreover, it’s due to lack of money, hahahha,” said Rio jokingly. The tour titled “Telusur Bumi” will give the opportunity for Rio to not only introduce his music, but also let people see his true self. Most of the time people do not realize that he is the singer and songwriter of “Cerita Bumi dan Langit”. He also wants to know and learn about the current music scene on the cities he visits on this tour. So in return, he will be able to decide the next step for developing his career outside of his own town. He will hit the road for almost a month and he is also eager to add more shows to his list, so do come around to his showcase if you’re curious. Stream his album here beforehand and find out about his latest schedule here.