Minor Dialogue from which I can't look away EPMinor Dialogue Will Soothe You With EP “from which I can’t look away”

On an intimate showcase held last Sunday at Ha8itat Café & Library, soloist who goes by the name Minor Dialogue has released his second EP titled “from which I can’t look away”. The musician whose real name is Bagas Agriansyah has previously released his debut EP, a record made on his mobile phone called “for which I have always missed”. Consisting of five songs in total, this album is sadly hasn’t been available on digital streaming services. You could only listen to it, by pre-ordering the physical record via Pop Flesh Records, an independent record label based in Malang. All the five songs, including the already released single “Alleviating” are soothing pieces that could comfort your ears. Don’t get the sweet melodies and mellow acoustic guitar fool you, because the lyrics to these songs are sad and desperate. Explaining the meaning of the album to us, Bagas said that it is about a person who’s been living within hopes and admiration toward someone, yet he always seems hopeless and doubtful about it all due to his infirmities and other indescribable circumstances that he’s been in. If only all sadness and hopelessness could be wrapped into beautiful music like this, we’re pretty sure to be delighted by it.

Minor Dialogue from which I can't look away EP
EP artwork

The EP was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Derry Rith Haudin at GZZ Records, who is also known for his role as a keyboardist on indie pop band, Coldiac. An attempt to make this whole record more well-prepared compared to the first one. Derry also added the keyboard part on first single “Alleviating”. Moreover about this solo project of Bagas, Minor Dialogue gives him an opportunity to play acoustic music which has lo-fi, emo, and folk influence. All in all, he does sound a bit emo because he is also participated in an emo band called Eitherway. 2017 is a really productive year for him as he has released 2 EPs for his solo project, as well as single with Eitherway. We would love to share the link to his music, but apparently it’s restricted, so the best we can do is giving you the link to his tumblr filled with lyrics of the album and hopefully it would encourage you to order his album. Musicians need money, guys.