Sonic Live Asia Will Bring US Musicians to Indonesia Next YearPromoting Music Tourism, Sonic Live Asia Plan to Bring U.S. Musicians to Jakarta Next Year!

(11/26) Newly established promoter, Sonic Live Asia will hold their first ever concert tonight with POND but it certainly won’t be the last! During a press conference held prior POND’s show last night, it was explained that the promoter will bring more acts to Indonesia next year with their scheduled programs. They also plan to promote music tourism in Indonesia in which concerts by foreign and local musicians will be the center of tourist attraction, especially those who visit Jakarta. “You won’t have to visit Singapore anymore to see your favorite acts. You could just visit Jakarta to see your favorite musicians perform and it is our duty to make it come true,” said Ryan Novianto from Sonic Live Asia. Febri, the Chief Communication Officer of Sonic Live Asia also added that they also committed to bring rising talents from Indonesia to get more recognition. “We’ll try our best to introduce and spread Indonesian music, so that’s why we pick Indonesian act as the opener for those foreign musician,” said Febri.

Being asked about their whole program next year, the promoter based in Jakarta said that they aim to have six to seven concerts throughout the year. As for the audience target for those concert, Sonic Live Asia said that they vary from 2,000 spectators to as large as 30,000 spectators. Furthermore, it was also revealed that there are already two confirmed acts so far that will hold concerts here, but they have not disclosed their names yet. “So far, there are two confirmed acts for next year. But it’s a secret,” they said. After a while they finally confirmed that those two acts are possibly hailing from United States. So many US musicians are releasing new albums in 2016, so the chances of your favorite acts to come down here are pretty big. Let the guessing game begins!

Photo: Bonifasius Eiji