Fletch Sadajiwa Music VideoFletch Unveil New Music Video for “Sadajiwa”

Indie pop unit from Malang, Fletch have returned with a new visual for their single “Sadajiwa”. The song is their third single that has been released in conjunction with Indonesia’s Independence Day. The title itself is a Sanskrit word that has meaning of live forever. “Sadajiwa” is a rhetorical question to the listeners about the true meaning of independence. The independence context includes press freedom, freedom of speech, expression according to any individual’s desire. As well as the rights to gain information and knowledge. The single is the result of collaboration from Communication Studies students of University of Brawijaya with the band. Fletch were given the opportunity to arrange a poetry about press freedom that will be turned into a music. This music then becomes a soundtrack for the event also called “Sadajiwa”. The event was held in two cities, Malang and Yogyakarta that consisted of exhibition, poetry reading, theater, poetry musicalization and music showcase with the theme of press freedom. It was also held to honor notable figures in Indonesia’s press.

Using monochromatic tone, the music video of “Sadajiwa” is available on the band’s official Youtube channel. It stars two characters, a man and a woman. The man is dressed in a journalist’s usual attire while the woman is dressed in an all-black ensemble. Both characters symbolize the press and the oppression it faces everyday.  A month ago, the band also revealed the lyrics video for this single and the song has been released in digital streaming services like iTunes, Spotify and many more. Fletch’s music is influenced by many genres, and this song especially has a strong folk influence in it. Their debut single “Tiga Pagi” sound more like a combination between post-rock and folk. Let’s just watch the gorgeous music video of “Sadajiwa” by Fletch below.