Pohon Tua Kubu Carik AlbumPohon Tua of Dialog Dini Hari Reveals His Solo Album, “Kubu Carik”

Clever, witty, sarcastic, and metaphoric are four main elements to describe this solo album by Pohon Tua titled “Kubu Carik”. You might not be familiar by his name, but you must be familiar if we said that he is the vocalist of Dialog Dini Hari and Navicula or known as Dadang Pranoto. Dadang uses this moniker for this solo project that has been going on since 2015. On 17 November, he officially released this album via Rain Dogs Records in which DDH are under as well. In 2015, writer Eko Prabowo wrote a few piece of lyrical prose called “Dua Senja Pohon Tua” in which responded by Dadang with a song, and it continued since then until eight songs emerged from their collaborative project. “It began with Eko making a prose book about ‘Pohon Tua’. I responded it with a song sketch. The response was interesting and I got hooked. Eventually from that one sketch, it developed into eight materials in this ‘Kubu Carik’,” said Dadang. While the lyrical prose has been released into a book by Edraflo, now the digital release can be enjoyed on several digital streaming hosts.

For the music itself, Dadang consulted with his bandmates on DDH who are Zio and Deny Surya who acted as co-producer fort this album. Zio who also released his solo album “See The Sun” three months ago, motivated Dadang to finish this project more eagerly. “Kubu Carik” was finished and released in time for Dialog Dini Hari to cook up their new materials for next album, so it can be said that Dadang has no more burden while finishing the big project for that Bali’s based folk/blues group. “There is no specific reason why this solo album was made. It emphasizes more on my collaboration with Eko Prabowo. Those songs have to find their way to the listeners. That’s what we want to achieve with this album,” uttered Dadang. With easy listening melodies created with ukulele, clever lyrics that sometimes use metaphoric diction to describe current social issues, “Kubu Carik” is a refreshing piece that we could listen again and again. Here is the full tracklist of the album and stream it on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, and other services.

“Kubu Carik” Tracklist:
1.     Kancil
2.     Matahari Terbit
3.     Jika Sesekali
4.     Hey Ya (Kubu Carik)
5.     Suku Bajo (Padang Lamun)
6.     Hari Ini, Esok Hari
7.     Ku Harus Tetap Hidup
8.     Bisik Laut