Tabu Vol.1 Analog Photography Exhibition in BandungAn Analog Photography Exhibition “Tabu Vol. 1” Starts Today!

Bandung will always a place where talented individuals or collectives cook up great ideas, and now an analog photography exhibition called “Tabu Vol.1” will be held starting from today until Sunday 12 November 2017. The exhibition is initiated by an independent creative collective called Kaum and fully supported by Jendela Ide, an alternative art platform which was established since 1995. This time Kaum try to create a movement among local artists in Bandung by presenting a series of events that they could participate in. With a more variation of programs and contents, hopefully it will become a sustainable platform for any art workers in the city no matter what background field they have. “Tabu” is a concept that they try to emulate for their first ever program. “Tabu” or taboo is often considered as behavior, attitude, statement or anything else that is considered sacred and not supposed to be performed, which is different in any custom or culture. In Indonesia’s custom, nakedness is one of the most taboo concept and nakedness in this concept is meant to bring an honest, raw, natural experience in the program.

Things that are considered taboo in the society will be given spotlight in this exhibition. Those taboo things have the right to co-exist with our traditional side of thinking and art can be the most suitable platform to present the notion for a wide public consumption. The first installment of Tabu will highlight the passion and innovation from photographers, especially those who do analog photography. An exhibition displaying the works from several analog photographers will be shown during its three-day event. Analog was thought to be dead when digital photography took over in early millennium, but the art of it has been resurrected and flourished under the right movement. Taking place at 107 Garage Room, in the opening night there will be performances from local musicians and a discussion will be held on the second day from photographer and an analog photography processing lab’s founder. Let’s give a proper appreciation for this ancient art of photography!