Wondergel Electrofux I Miss You Maxi SingleWondergel and Electrofux Re-release Old Single “I Miss You”

The first all-female indie pop group from the 90’s, Wondergel, have announced their return to the music industry with a reunion concert. On top of that, the band also release some of their old songs under netlabel Ripstore Asia. To coincide with the return of an electronic act from the same era, Electrofux, they decided to re-release their single titled “I Miss You”. This time the song is released in a maxi single. In the past both acts have a single with the same title, and now they combine it into a continuous track. Both tracks were released separately twenty years ago and included in Wondergel’s self titled album produced by M Music Production (1997). Electrofux itself is a one man electronic band who gained fame in the 90’s for his gig around Jakarta. Without releasing a single album and only performed from one gig to another, he decided to move to Bali and went on hiatus from music world.

Wondergel Electrofux I Miss You Maxi SingleThe original “I Miss You” by Wondergel has a thick indie pop vibe. It was written by Meta Pramana who acted as the pianist for Wondergel. The song was sung by Vivie Coster and Diah Rajanti back then. The new version has Electrofux inserting an electronic sounding element to the pop single. He has just returned on 26 October 2017 by participating in a gig called “Project 23 Vol.2” held at Brawa Beach, Canggu, Bali. The maxi single is also called Mayamix, since we can capture the word ‘maya’ on its intro after it’s being reversed by Electrofux. The song is available to be streamed and downloaded for free using Creative Commons license under Ripstore.Asia. Listen to the maxi single of “I Miss You” which has both the new remixed version and the original version here.