Konser Indonesia RayaCelebrating Youth Pledge with “Konser Indonesia Raya 3 Stanza”

28 October 2017 fell on Saturday, and on that day a concert was held to celebrate Youth Pledge Day. A little reminder, that day was when Wage Rudolph Supratman introduced our national anthem “Indonesia Raya” in a national youth conference, but little do we know that the song actually consists of 3 stanzas instead of one. The one we always sing during ceremony or Independence Day is actually only a part of the full national anthem. Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia held “Konser Indonesia Raya 3 Stanza” to educate people to understand that our national anthem actually has three stanzas and it is also regulated and stated on the Law No.24 2009. Those three stanzas hold different meaning and values in each version and it was proposed that this original version was sung during ceremony in every school. The first stanza is an encouragement to unite as one nation, Indonesia as well as a moral atmosphere to build its body and soul. The second stanza brings the commitment about integrative and wholesome Indonesia, a country which has an abundant resource that not only encourage hard work but also prayer for our happiness. The last stanza tells about a promise to keep this country going to the end of time. An everlasting effort to give the people safety and prosperity.

The event was open for public in a limited number and was attended by guest stars like Gita Bahana Nusantara choir and orchestra, Virzha and Nowella who are two contestants from the past Indonesian Idol. Taking place at Aula Simfonia Jakarta, the Minister of Education Muhajir Effendy also took time to attend and sing the anthem together. Sapta Ksvara Kusbini conducted the choir and orchestra that consisted of 300 people and he was the 7th son of Indonesia’s music maestro, Kusbini. Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia also made a further effort to introduce this version to a wider mass by re-recording “Indonesia Raya” in 3 stanzas at Lokananta, Solo. A website was created to acknowledge this version and aimed as a source of education for the people. Check out “Indonesia Raya” in 3 stanzas below.