IDN Soundscape by IDN Times Report
The audience wearing high school uniform
IDN Soundscape Managed to Relive High School Memories

Back when we were young, high school was probably one of the most memorable era that we had. A first love perhaps? Or maybe the first time we knew that the world is a shitty place to live in. Anyway, IDN Times created a music concert called “IDN Soundscape” with a concept of reliving high school memories. More than 7,000 people showed up to the concert that was held last Saturday at Eco Park Ancol, Jakarta. Instead of the popular “Angkatan 90-an”, IDN Soundscape brought the theme “Angkatan 2000an”. Eleven musicians from various genres entertained the visitors and sang some of the sweetest throwback anthems of our high school days. “Our success in holding a beauty pageant last March encouraged us to once again create an event with a unique concept. A music festival with the theme 2000’s generation was held and surpassed our expectation when the visitors passed our target. Held for the first time, with the attendance of more than 7,000 visitors was such a huge achievement. Thank you for all the support and appreciation from all the parties involved. Without them, IDN Soundscape won’t go as smoothly as of now,” said William Utomo, the COO of IDN Media.

IDN Soundscape by IDN Times Report
Old school snacks

From 2PM we could see a line started to form on the ticket box and the gate has been opened to allow the visitors to enjoy various booths in the concert area. There were merchandise booth, games and snacks provided by Generasi 90an, spray station booth and various photo spots. A certain dress code was applied during the concert that made the audience wear the signature white and gray high school uniform. The chance to wear their old uniform sent a sense of nostalgia to the coming visitors and they had a blast taking group pictures as well as sprayed the uniform with paint as if they were just graduated that day. To suit the theme of high school, the activity booths were named with “Ruang Kelas”, “Ruang Laboratorium”, “Ruang UKS” and “Kantin Sekolah”. Float, GAC, Tompi, Pongki Barata, Tulus, D’Masiv, Andra and The Backbone, Kahitna, Naif, Gigi and Slank successfully warmed us with melodies of the past as they performed their hit songs.

IDN Soundscape by IDN Times Report

There was also official high school uniform in collaboration with Danjyo Hyoji that has IDN Times designed patch on it and some people happily wore this design. The event lasted until 1AM the next day and was closed out with Slank’s performance. There was a little rain at night, but the audience seemed to be unbothered and continued watching the concert. A few pieces of ‘kue cubit’ filled our stomachs in between the musical guests and ding dong games drifted our boredom of standing too long. IDN Soundscape Presented by IDN Times will be back next year with more unique concept and stellar guest stars.

Photo: IDN Times