Sunday Market Bringing All Together Report
Stage area
Sunday Market by Sats Co. Presented Transformation on Its Concept

Sunday Market by Sats Co. first began its journey in 2012 with a concept of attracting Surabaya’s young generation to come to a creative bazaar filled with fashion, music, art, and culinary. In 2017, the event held its 12th edition last Saturday and Sunday, 21- 22 October 2017 at Parking Lot WTC E-Mall Surabaya. From 12 PM to 10 PM, the visitors were entertained with a series of workshops, culinary booths and food trucks, indie clothing brands, flea market, film screening and music performances. From what we witnessed, Sunday Market on its latest edition has progressed from its initial value. Now, the event attracts a family oriented segment by providing workshops for children, mom, and a playground area for the children while the parents can shop or enjoy the various activities there. The theme for this edition as elaborated on Sunday Paper (Sunday Market’s official newsletter) explore Surabaya’s legendary landmarks with the tagline “Bringing All Together”. Unfortunately the grand theme that was beautifully explained and written by Anitha Silva on the Sunday Paper wasn’t expressed on the  real event itself.

Sunday Market Bringing All Together Report
Playground Area

The event was on its transition phase from its youth market to the young family market. The programs, like workshop, film screening, meet and greet or music performance were great on their own, but when all of these elements were fused, we saw a mismatching agenda. “This is my second time to Sunday Market, the first time was when it was still held at Townsquare Surabaya (Sutos). I think the tenants are more or less the same with the previous ones, but I see more families today. I read the Sunday Paper and was excited about Embong Malang’s vintage placards and it must be more interesting if the workshop is about that” said Abe, one of the visitor of Sunday Market. Albeit not being coherently executed, Sunday Market still became the platform for creative business owners to show their unique products.

Sunday Market Bringing All Together Report
Bento making workshop

There was leather brand Revolt Industry which produced hand made leather goods, Merci Amie which produce handcrafted leather bracelets, Kumi which produce home & decor stuff made of wooden materials and many more. Surabaya has relentlessly brought its A-game by re-inventing classic products and made a modern twist on it. Flea market and food tenants took most of the available space on the event and food trucks from Halal Gyro Cart, Say Chees, Xiniota, or Kombitiam took our attention right away. On the first day, there was tapestry workshop by Hand Meet Hand that was joined by a group of people, mostly women. There was also Donut Decoration Class by Dunkin Donuts for the children. While on the second day, there was Bento making workshop that was fit for moms, or mom-to-be as a creative way to prepare lunchbox for the dearest ones. Ayren Mayden put good tunes during two day celebration with his DJ set. Dea Anggita, the rising name on Surabaya’s indie scene graced the stage on the first day. On the second day, dubstep reggae group Indonesian Rice, pop band Ringgo 5 and folk singer Jason Ranti greeted the audience with their music. A meet and greet for movie “Posesif” starring Adipati Dolken managed to make the teenagers screamed so loud. We would love to meet future edition of Sunday Market with more solid concept, exciting theme, and interactive activities. See you!

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Writer: Novita Widia