Bravepaper releases Heavy & Light EPBravepaper Wraps An Emotional Folk Tunes on “Heavy & Light” EP

Bravepaper, the one man band created by Chris Tang is a Singapore based music project whose music can be categorized as folk. Bravepaper stated on a press release that he tries to convey a raw, dark and atmospheric feeling with his debut EP “Heavy & Light”. Consisting of four songs in total, “Heavy & Light” has a selection of acoustic and electric based instrumental with the same underlying theme of darkness. He cited emo, post hardcore bands like Circa Survive, Brand New, Caracal and Lydia to be his influence as a singer-songwriter. If you listen to Bravepaper for the first time, you might think that this high pitched voice belongs to a female vocalist. But Chris’ tenor range vocal is truly his own and he compares it to the likes of Anthony Green (Circa Survive), John Mahathir (Ingride), Craig Owens (Chiodos) and Aaron Marsh (Copeland) who own the same range as him.

Bravepaper releases Heavy & Light EP
“Heavy & Light” EP artwork

Several musicians also contributed to this album and they are Zhong Ren Koh from Plate, Ahmad Ariff (Pleasantry), Axel Serik from Sphaeras, Chris Grosse and Timmy Autumn and also Naufal Tan. These musicians helped him to fill in the cello, guitar, bass, and choir department on the songs. A surreal monochromatic artwork depicting a human lower body with horse upper body flying a paper plane completes the EP that was released independently a week ago. The album can be listened on digital streaming platforms like Spotify, Bandcamp or Soundcloud. Bravepaper as an artist has been active on Singaporean music scene since 2014 with collaboration project Bravepaper x F ∆ U X E in a track called “MIABBW”. It is a combination between electronic, folk, and a little bit of hip hop beat. Listen to Bravepaper’s solo debut EP “Heavy & Light” below and the music video for “I’m Sorry” will be out soon.