Gud Hardan In-Between Space EPGud Hardan Entices The Listeners with New EP “In-Between Space”

One man act, Gud Hardan has revealed its latest mini album called “In-Between Space” in digital formats. The project initiated by Dewa Hardana from South Tangerang has begun its journey in music industry since September 2016 and back then he has released a single called “Inner Space” in June 2017.  Dewa Hardana himself prefers to be called as an alternative act since Gud Hardan’s music ranges between ambience, psychedelic, and new-age music. His music is said to be inspired by acts like Pink Floyd, The Beatles (psychedelic-age, late 60’s), Tame Impala, Ciggaretes After Sex and other bands who have similar genre to the aforementioned ones. If you are an office worker who plays music as a hobby, then Gud Hardan is one of you. Dewa Hardana initiated this music project in order to express and actualize himself through music platform, and also escape himself from his day-to-day-office-works.

The EP that was released in September 25th contains six tracks in total and tells about his life journey in the last 25 years, and it’s a manifestation of his effort to take the first step to entertainment/music business world. You can hear the presence of strong psychedelic mood as well as space synthesizer which we think match very well with the album artwork. Dewa composed all the tracks in this album with the help of Firman Rasyidi to do the mixing and mastering. Andes Vergia was the one in charge for the visual department of the album. The album has a strong sci-fi vibe to it, as expressed in the instrumental, visual and overall sound of it. Below is the tracklist of the “In-Between Space” EP by Gud Hardan. Now you can enjoy it on Spotify and iTunes.

“In-Between Space” EP Tracklist

  1. The Beginning
  2. Inner Space
  3. The Ballad of a Temporary Gentleman
  4. The Science of Falling in Love
  5. Uninvited
  6. Outer Space