Happy Death Day Movie ReviewReview: Happy Death Day is A Fun and Twisted Thriller for Halloween

Almost everyone seems to be happy celebrating their birthday, but how about their death day? On a movie called “Happy Death Day”, the case of Tree Gelbman (Jessica Rothe) is very unique as she woke up on her birthday which turned out to be her death day as well. The next day, she found herself waking up on the same spot as the previous night but unharmed, then got murdered again by a masked murderer. The repeated life and dead cycle eventually led her to figure out who murdered her. The strange occurrence also made her aware of her surrounding and be grateful of what she got. She started to pay attention on her closest ones, mended her relationships with friends and lovers, and even found a guy that she thought she liked. One day, the tiresome cycle was thought to have ended since she believed that the murderer has gone. However this wasn’t true, albeit Tree did not die on the same spot and with the same method of killing, she ended up dead later that day. The cycle repeated again like it used to, and Tree now suspected another person to be her murderer. Who was it? We are not going to spoil the fun here, so you should watch it yourself.

Happy Death Day Movie ReviewDirected by Christopher B. Landon and produced by Scott Lobdell, “Happy Death Day” actually did not offer something new with the premise. One-day repeat cycle formula has found its way on Hollywood films like “Groundhog Day”, “Edge of Tomorrow” or even “Before I Fall”. However “Happy Death Day” gives a fun portrayal for a such traumatic event like an assassination. It is a light thriller movie, that does not involve much bleeding or abundance of blood in the scenes (this one is really a plus point for a thriller movie). Nonetheless, the plot and climax will still make your heart beats faster when the murderer stabbed Tree in the heart. The make up details and continuation in the repeated cycles are well thought and if you are a detailed observer, then you could see that each day of the cycle sometimes contains the same tragedy but with a little different tweaks in its details. Overall, this movie teaches us to reflect upon ourselves in any of our wrongdoings. Whether we have been kind enough to people around us, or have we been considerate enough as a person. Go watch the movie as it has been screened nationwide starting from October 18th. Happy death day!

Happy Death Day Movie Review

Reviewer: Intan Maharani/Editor: Novita Widia