Lingkaran Atmosfer Quiet SinglePost Rock Group, Lingkaran Atmosfer Reveal Debut Single “Quiet”

Surabaya has unveiled its latest act who tackle the post rock genre and they are called Lingkaran Atmosfer. The band released their debut single on 23 August 2017 on Youtube called “Quiet”. Through a press release, the band explain that the song tells about someone who is afraid of himself because there are two opposite personalities that reside within him. Just like Star Wars, there is the dark side of the force which dominate his consciousness. While trying to resist the bad side, he is constantly struggling to find his true self, whether to accept all of his flaws or letting it go. At first it does not sound like a post rock track, but more like a blues track with prominent guitar sound. Then the drum kicks in and the build up feels more like a post rock track. Different than the traditional songs from this genre, this track is dominated by spoken words and lyrics rather than instrumental. There is something in the recording part which makes the song sounds overlapping with one another. There are multiple instruments playing simultaneously but somehow they do not mix too well in the beginning. If it is more polished, and more instrumental added between singing, Lingkaran Atmosfer could deliver a more well rounded track.

The band which was founded in 2015 is comprised of M. Lawdy (vocal), Iqbal Dwi Kurniawan (lead guitar), Hanif Rizaldy (rythm guitar), M. Insanul Fikri (bass), and Renaldo Pangestu (drum). Their first single came up from their collective ideas of composing original numbers. They used to be known as a band who cover other bands’ songs, but they surely feel the need to create and make something on their own. “Quiet” is the first step towards their debut album which they are currently working on. We hope our insights and suggestions will be taken into account, so Lingkaran Atmosfer could ace their first album smoothly. Listen to the single on their Youtube account below.