Baby Driver PosterReview: “Baby Driver” Has The Perfect Amount of Action & Music

Edgar Wright, is the name of a director we often associate with British comedy films that somehow often involve action like “Hot Fuzz” or “The World’s End”. He helmed a new project but this time it’s an American movie called “Baby Driver” starring Ansel Elgort as Baby, Kevin Spacey as Doc, Lily James as Debora, Jon Hamm as Buddy, Jamie Foxx as Bats, and Eiza González as Darling. The movie earned a pretty great review prior to its screening worldwide, so we came with a high hope of watching a thrilling action combined with dry humor that Wright always has. The story centers around a group of robbers that was led by its brain, Doc. He planned everything including the escape plan and he created a functioning system that worked well. Baby played an important role in the group as he was the one who drove them to the crime scene and helped them escape into their safe haven. Baby had a unique trait somehow, he was not really talkative and preferred to listen to music on his iPods all the time. A slight defect on his hearing that he got from an accident made music as his way to cope with life. He got involved in this criminal gang after getting caught by Doc for stealing his car and he had to make payback by following his order.

Baby Driver - Ansel Elgort & Lily JamesDoc initially promised that they were even after a number of robberies, but it turned out that Doc got more plans for Baby. Baby never liked being a driver for these thugs, so he always tried to finish his business with Doc. But things got more complicated as Doc threatened him to obey and Baby got no other option than following what he desired. Doc’s awesome plans finally got its flaw and thereafter, everything seemed to go awfully done. Baby tried to save everyone he loves including his foster dad and lover, Debora. The plot from beginning to the middle was very exhilarating with great driving stunts and the classic run and chase. The characters in this film each has strong persona and we can not help but fall in love with Doc’s stern yet compassionate charm and Baby’s innocence. Jamie Foxx as Bats got on our nerve for his brilliant acting as psycho criminal who has no mercy. The music choice in this movie is superb and the selection includes classic rock, motown, and blues numbers. Every robberies always got its own soundtrack and music is a huge part in Baby’s life.

Baby Driver - Ansel Elgort & Lily JamesThe comedy part appears on Baby’s side hobby of making hilarious music composition and mixtape from spoken words. As always, Edgar Wright’s movie has a peculiar side character and this time it belongs to Doc’s nephew. For 113 minutes, we laughed, got excited by the action scene and sang along or nodded to the well-chosen tracks. The plot towards the end was a little bit dragging and unnecessary, and the repetitive plots of unfortunate events felt too many. Still, “Baby Driver” is a movie that would be able to relieve your stress. The film is screened nationwide starting from 30 August 2017.