Escpd A Fool's Foolish QuestionBlues Rock Unit, Escpd Unveil First Single “A Fool’s Foolish Question”

Plenty of new band emerge with the classic genre of rock and roll mixed with blues, and Escpd are one of them. Formed in 2016 at the capital city of Indonesia, the group is comprised of Riza Bachri (vocal, guitar), Satria Bimasakti (bass, vocal), and Thareq Satria (drum, vocal) with the latest addition of Arfan Bachri (guitar, vocal). The four member Escpd, have just revealed their debut single last week titled “A Fool’s Foolish Question”. Stated on the press release, the song tells about different perception between right or wrong in people’s mind. Taking 6 months in the process of recording, the material was first recorded at ALS Studio and later on mixed and mastered at Sage Studio, Nashville, United States of America. The song begins with a catchy guitar lick and drum, before the vocal kicks in. The song is sung in English with pretty repetitive melodies and not-so-hard-to-understand lyrics.

The song also wants to convey that we’re all humans are the same in God’s eyes. Hence you can see the cover artwork which shows a figure of a half man, and a half woman. The band are relatively very new to the music scene, it might take a while before finding the right formula of rock and blues. This single feels not strong enough in offering strong blues influence or rock one. With one single in the bad, Escpd plans to reveal their debut mini album in 2018. At the moment, they are in the midst of preparing, recording, and making up the rest of materials for their EP. “A Fool’s Foolish Question” has been released digitally on Soundcloud, Spotify, and CD Baby. Listen to the first single from Escpd below and follow their social media for their latest update.