Nissan Fortz and The James Band Praduga SingleNissan Fortz Introduces New Format and Reveals Sad Single “Praduga”

You might have heard his name, but today he returns with a brand new format for his solo music endeavor. Yup, Nissan Fortz, a 34-year-old musician based in Bandung who is famous for his acoustic guitar excellence has just revealed a song called “Praduga”. The song becomes a taste off of his upcoming sophomore album that is planned to be released at the end of 2017. The brand new format we were talking about in the beginning is the formation of a band that will accompany Nissan Fortz hereafter. Adisty Zulkarnaen (drum), Charly Septiana (guitar) and Rizal Zachri (keyboard) will be the names that form Nissan Fortz and the James Band. The single “Praduga” was released in the form of a music video, and we assure you that you’ll get lost into this number pretty fast. In a heavy blues influence, the song starts off with his unique guitar timbre and slow tempo swing drum. His raspy voice adds more umph to the song and he sings it wholeheartedly. “Praduga” is a sad, sad, contemplative song about a relationship.

Through a press release, it is explained that the song is basically about the fear of you feel for your significant other. The fear produces prejudice and it grows larger and larger, thus only makes us hurt in the end. “Overall, “Praduga” is a reflection of what often happens around us and why (we) brought that theme into a song is to emphasize on simplicity. However, ‘Praduga’ has a deep meaning, which is ‘feeling too much is not real feeling’. So be cautious with prejudice, it will make it hard to step up, and even paralyze us,” he adds. The song was recorded at Escape Studios (Bandung) in a live format recording, it was then mixed and mastered by Tabriz Muhajier Effendy who also acted as the producer. The video could be watched on their official Youtube account and it will be released digitally through Spotify, iTunes, Deezer and many more later on. Follow this lonesome guy on his sad trip across town below and while you’re at it, check out Nissan Fortz’ debut solo album “Day By Day”.