Fletch Tiga Pagi SingleFletch Reflect on Independence with New Single “Sadajiwa”

Fletch go back to their traditional folk root with their latest single “Sadajiwa”. The band hailing from Malang revealed the new single during Independence Day on 17 August 2017. Previously they released their first single after a while called “Tiga Pagi” which drew inspiration from The Trees and The Wild and Explosions In The Sky. The track starts off with light acoustic guitar sound which is continued with violin, in an instance it offers different kind of folk than their first one. “Sadajiwa” has a meaning of ‘live forever’ and through this single, Fletch aims to reflect on the meaning of independence especially the freedom of press, expression, voicing out opinion and obtaining information. The single is the result of a collaboration between the band and students from Communication Science major from University of Brawijaya, Malang. Richard (vocal,guitar), Rido (keyboard, vocal), Danti (ukulele), Rifqi (drum), Amanda (violin), and Naufalia (Bass) arranged a piece of poetry into a musical track and finally the song become the official soundtrack of an event called “Sadajiwa”.

Fletch Sadajiwa SingleThe event was held in two cities, Yogyakarta and Malang on March and April 2017 showcasing various fields of art in response to freedom of press. The project included visual exhibition, theater, poetry, poetry musicalization, and music performances that has the aforementioned theme. It honored some figures of press that played a huge part in Indonesia’s media. The single “Sadajiwa” by Fletch has been released on digital format on Spotify and Bandcamp. The song is hoped to burn the spirit of journalists, reporters, writers, critics and all of those who work in press. Hopefully it could enliven them to persist and resist the ever changing media world in Indonesia which is intruded by hoax and false news. Listen to the single from Fletch below.