Tigapagi Collaboration Single Danilla "Tidur Bersama"Tigapagi Unveil Their Collaboration with Danilla on “Tidur Bersama”

Bandung’s indie folk unit whose music infuse the element of Sundanese rhythm, Tigapagi, return with their newest single called “Tidur Bersama”. This time they collaborate with one of the hottest female singer at the moment, Danilla Riyadi. According to their statement, the song “Tidur Bersama” is a long awaited collaboration from both parties and it could only happen now. The idea has existed for quite some time and they interpret this song not only with an audio but also a visual in the form of short film. The 8 minutes and 40 second video sees Danilla acts out the role of a daughter of Peranakan descent (a descent that infuses two races or more, Chinese and native). She lives in a Metropolitan city and in search of an address with a suitcase on her hand. The worries and confusion grow as she getting closer to her destination after using public transportation and such. The short film was produced by Aria Gardhadipura and written & directed by M. Myrdal Muda. The song begins with Tigapagi’s usual instrumental folk with prominent flute and acoustic guitar sound, then Danilla’s delicate voice starts it off and gives us a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Both voices then blend together creating a harmony over methaporical lyrics.

They do not explain what the song is about or what the video is trying to imply. If the lyrics say about the death of love and social issues, then the video is a tad more complicated than that. You can also see the acting of Tigapagi’s members as various roles such as protesters, an educated figure, and towards the end it will all make sense. A little bit. This becomes Tigapagi’s first single after releasing their beautiful debut album “Roekmana’s Repertoire” in 2013 and an EP called “Sembojan” in 2015. What is your take to this new song and video? If you could decipher it, kindly write it down on the comment section below.