Vvachri Steve The Dragon Slayer Single
Vvachri Unveils Music Video for “Catch the Fox, Mother”

If you ever spotted a man holding a knife while walking around an area in Depok, he might be the star of Vvachri‘s latest music video for “Catch the Fox, Mother”. The single which is his third attempt after “Steve The Dragon Slayer” and “Woolf // It’s Holocaust, Bruno” lasts for 5 minutes. The song is an indie rock single containing distorted guitars and tribal drumming and we will describe it as a rock piece with shoegaze flair. For your information, Vvachrri is the side project from the drummer of emo band What The Sparrow Did To You. The man whose real name is Adtria Fachri offers you a toned down version of his previous singles on this new one. Vvachri was also in charge of directing and editing this video with the help of Yutsi Surya P. The man you see holding a knife is Adlan Abdi Ananda who is the only cast on the video. It shows a rather metaphorical story in which we do not understand as well.

The one man band show a more aggressive side to him compared to his previous releases. Beforehand, Vvachrri has released an EP titled “Likuita, Embodies & Poet, Her Adeline // Virginia”. Unfortunately, the old record label Sailboat Records are not operating anymore. The new single was recorded at Aion Studio with Yutsi Surya P. as the sound engineer, mixer and mastering. This single is planned to be included in Vvachrri’s upcoming EP called “Kitten Empire” that will be available digitally. There is no exact date for the mini album launching, so for the mean time let’s enjoy what the man from Bukittinggi/Depok offers with his three already released music. Take a peek on his Bandcamp or Soundcloud and follow Vvachrri on Instagram and Facebook for upcoming info. Check out the video for “Catch the Fox, Mother” here.