Protocol Afro Eclipse SingleProtocol Afro Reveal Single and Music Video for “Eclipse”

Protocol Afro, an indie rock unit hailing from Jakarta have just released a new single and music video for “Eclipse”. The band which was formed in 2007 infuse various genre in their music and they are comprised of Mayo Falmonti (bass), Giano Valentino (guitar), Aryadita Utama (vocal), Kristian Harahap (vocal), Panji Prasetyo (guitar) and Ferdi Salim (synth). The band revealed the single at 10 August 2017 in conjunction with the occurrence of natural phenomenon, lunar eclipse. Eclipse talks about a manipulated kind of freedom, since what we think about it is affected by various things and it forces us to make a particular choice. Previously released in Japan, the single is now made available to Indonesian market. Different from their old songs, this time the band opt to do a more rock single than their usual dancey tunes. “When we perform this song (during a live performance) and our songs which are thick with overdrive effect, our friends were surprised since they thought that Protocol Afro’s music only play indie music with dance and post punk tunes,” admitted the band in a press release.

Since then, the band decided to reveal an entirely different music than their old ones.  The single was recorded in a semi live performance at SFAE Studio and mixed and mastered by Danang “inteboxstudio”. While the artwork for the single was done by an illustrator based in Makassar named @inaowyu. The lyrics video contain several footage containing images of nuclear bomb and World War II. It starts off in a very slow pace, then it gets faster in the middle towards the end. It has dynamics that showcases the band’s take on this genre. “Eclipse” has been released digitally and it can be streamed on Spotify. Listen to the song below on their official Youtube account.