simPATI Kickfest XI Chapter Malang ReportsimPATI Kickfest XI Chapter Malang Wrapped Up On A Good Note

Malang has done its task in becoming the first city to host simPATI Kickfest XI held by Kickfest Indonesia in collaboration with Kick Malang and Dyandra Promosindo. Taking place at Lapangan Rampal from 4 – 6 August, the three day affair managed to attract 30,000 plus crowd who were eager to shop, dine, and watch the attraction offered by the festival. With its 11th installment, Kickfest aim to re-brand their celebration by having Tropical Fiesta as the main theme for this year. On Friday, 4 August 2017, we attended the festival and there were many fashion booths from Bandung, Jakarta, Bali, and of course, Malang. simPATI as the main sponsor deployed their human resources to offer the visitors their t-cash program, a cashless payment program which promote further price cut during Kickfest XI. Indeed, the price from the vendors were being discounted here and there and we could spot people, man and women brought lots of plastic bags filled with various article of clothing. This year’s brands felt more refined, younger, and better prepared compared to last year. Unfortunately, the brands did not bring many variations to their items, since mostly only sell basic clothing with more or less the same design. There were also food tenants which were filled with local entrepreneurs like Jank Jank, Saboten, Urban Pop, Deduren, and many more.

simPATI Kickfest XI Chapter Malang Report
Rice bowl from Saboten Shokudo

simPATI Kickfest XI Chapter Malang ReportThere were two stages prepared to entertain the visitors. The small stage was placed near the F&B area providing the visitors with alternative music and relatively unknown bands. While the main stage gave way to some opening performers as well as main guest stars. On the first day, main guest stars performance started with Christabel Annora at 8PM. It was then followed with Coldiac and ended up nicely by Fourtwnty who swayed the audience with their folk pop tunes. While on the second day it is time for ska, punk, and reggae bands to show up. Souljah became the main performer of the day, bringing their Jamaican reggae flavor to the crowd. Day 2 was the height of the festival judging by how crowded the place was. On Sunday, Navicula was placed as the last performer and closed out the whole festivity with their heavy metal music. More than 95 clothing brands, 20 F&B brands, as well as 100 performers joined simPATI Kickfest XI at Lapangan Rampal, Malang. It is nice to see local entrepreneurs step up to showcase their quality with their brands and it is time for our creative industry to rise. See you on the next installment of Kickfest XI in Yogyakarta and Bandung!

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