Beeswax Return with Depressing Single “The Loaded Ashtray”EXCLUSIVE: Beeswax Return with Depressing Single “The Loaded Ashtray”

It has been a long time since the four-piece emo act, Beeswax released any new material. But now the wait is over as Bagas Yudhiswa(guitar/vocal), Iyok(guitar/vocal), Putra(bass/vocal) and Yayan(drum) have unveiled a new single titled “The Loaded Ashtray”. The song which is the first offer from the band’s upcoming third album displays an equally saddening thought as any other Beeswax tracks. With their signature twinkling guitar sound, Beeswax open up about the memory of those who are gone. If you have followed this band’s career since the beginning, you might find this tune rather familiar. Your ears are not deceiving you, because “The Loaded Ashtray” is a track which was developed from the band’s Intro track from their sophomore album “Growing Up Late”. The album which was released in 2015 became the milestone of their career, making them able to take the stages in various cities across Indonesia.

This single and their forthcoming third album are released under Malang based independent record label, Fallyears Records. The label is also home to other rosters like Dizzyhead and The Talkboy. Prior to releasing the yet-titled third record, Beeswax also release a CD sampler with this track included. The CD can be purchased through the band’s Instagram and contains 4 unreleased tracks for IDR25,000. The band who have just become the opener for Turnover tour in Yogyakarta plan to reveal their new record in the following months with a tour and music videos in sight. The artwork for the single was done by Iyok who is also a graphic designer in collaboration with Visual Report.

Beeswax Return with Depressing Single “The Loaded Ashtray”Without further ado, premiering exclusively on The Display, listen to Beeswax with their new single “The Loaded Ashtray” below. Follow the band’s social media as well as their label’s social media for the latest updates.