.Feast Sectumsempra Single.Feast Re-Release “Sectumsempra” As Second Single from Upcoming Album

.Feast are back at it with another single release from their upcoming album “Multiverses”. This time the rock unit re-release their old single “Sectumsempra”. This song has been released before in 2015 and aims to give a new context for youth. .Feast collaboratedwith poet/songwriter/musician from Potlot, Jakarta named Yudhis who has released a book titled “Peluru Biru” in 2014 and 2 EPs with his band, Rachun. “This is my first time writing a poetry to be recorded as a part of musical album, I have to understand the whole context of the song to reach the perfect climax in Sectumsempra,” said Yudhis about the songwriting process. The topic presented on this song is rather heavy and touches on the subject of reciprocation between politicians and activists who use symbols that can be found on young wizard novel, Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling. As absurd as it gets, it actually has to do with Severus Snape, one of the villain (but not so villain in the end) from the novel.

.Feast Sectumsempra Single
Yudhis of Rachun

“This song talks about (Severus) Snape, or about politicians and activists. Depends whether the listeners skip the first or second part or not,” explaines Baskara Putra, the vocalist of .Feast. Just like their previous video for Wives of ゴジラ (We Belong Dead)”, “Sectumsempra” also got a lyrics video in courtesy of Junior Johan who has worked with them previously. With a banging rock sound, the video shows collage of footage from the old days and old animation which is Betty Boop in an engaging motion picture. As a lyrics video, it also contains “Sectumsempra” lyrics on  it so you can sing along while watching the video. For the meantime, the song can be enjoyed through their Youtube account, later on it will be released digitally via Karma Records. Watch the lyrics video for “Sectumsempra” below featuring Yudhis from Rachun.