Nick Drake Biography Book Tour IndonesiaNick Drake Book Tour Will Commence in Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Surabaya and Malang

Nick Drake, if you mention his name in the 60’s you would probably got no response and talking about folk in that era means that almost everyone were overshadowed by Bob Dylan. During his lifetime, his career was far from success and the failure led him into depression and the man who is known for his acoustic guitar driven songs were found dead from drugs overdose. Surprisingly, his work got recognition posthumously and his name started to be identified with British folk. While the fame and wealth had gotten to him too late, the phenomenon of a depressed and suicidal musician intrigued the mind of musician biography author, Patrick Humphries to do a background research of Nick Drake. The book that he published in the 90’s titled “Nick Drake: The Biography” aims to dissect the myth of depression that is experienced by musician. He learned further about the music industry and socio-political situation during Nick Drake’s era which might affect his mental health. He also immersed himself on the subject of British private education system, family historical background especially those who lived during British colonial era, and almost all the possibility that might explain Nick Drake’s failure and his ill mind.

Nick Drake was presented as a more humane figure with all his defects and strength. This book also covers the relation between music industry and social and political state of a country, in which highly influence the genre of folk, a music which is closely related to the grassroots. You could compare the situation back then and the current one, and to make it more exciting, Nick Drake’s music does not only inspire his own folk kin, but also musicians from other genres like Robert Smith from The Cure or even Elton John who covered his song. Jungkir Balik Pustaka Indonesia as the local publisher agreed to the terms set by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc. to publish and distribute the Indonesian version of the book titled “Nick Drake: sebuah biografi”. The launching of this book in July 2017 will be followed by a tour in several cities starting from tomorrow 22 July 2017 in Jakarta, 28 July 2017 in Yogyakarta, 3, 5 and 10 August in Malang, and 6 August in Surabaya. The book will be sold at IDR100,000 which you could purchase through Kelana at +6281910143939 or Jungkir Balik’s Instagram or Facebook. While you are now enjoying folk music presented by the likes of Payung Teduh, Jason Ranti or Bin Idris, learning about past history of Nick Drake is a necessary insight.