Yacko Hands OffRapper Yacko is Here To Speak Up About Sexual Harassment with “Hands Off”

Ladies, it’s not so often to get a heroine we deserve but now rapper slash badass musician, Yacko has a powerful anthem to speak up against sexual harassment called “Hands Off”. Premiering over a month ago on her Soundcloud and Youtube account, Yacko worked with producer Mardial to tackle one of the most sensitive subject with hiphop music and strong bars. The rapper has been teasing about the music video for this single for quite some time, and yesterday she said that the visual is coming out on July 21st. Through her caption on Instagram, Yacko sent positive vibes and support for all the victims of street and sexual harassment, no matter how small it may look. In the female empowering anthem, Yacko talks about how women are often prejudiced by the society especially from the opposite sex. The rape culture has been normalized, so the victims rarely speak out and the perpetrators could walk freely and unashamed.

On the music video that was shot by Vinodii, Yacko featured a slew of other powerful female figures who radiate strength, beauty, and intelligence in all shapes and forms. She also presents the characters that appear in the video in her social media, stating their jobs and why they should be our role models. “Hands Off” also talks about how girls also want to have fun by doing stage dives, crowd surfing or dancing in a party. Yacko wants the boys to support the weight as the girls stage dive, but strongly emphasize to watch where their hands go. Well, there is nothing worse than a public sexual harassment that could set the mood upside down. With this message, and the dope rap music we have heard, we expect an equally badass music video. Yup this is the kind of “badass” that deserves the spotlight, not that one. You know who or what we’re talking about. Follow Yacko’s Instagram for another video teaser and listen to “Hands Off” below.