Menjagal Kewarasan Art Exhibition by Nauval Firdaus“Menjagal Kewarasan”, An Upcoming Exhibition by Nauval Firdaus

Having been involved in various art projects, Nauval Firdaus challenges himself to do a solo art exhibition called “Menjagal Kewarasan”. The artist who is also known as Deadnauval, is a talented young artist from Malang who works together with Widandari Art Foundation to make the exhibition comes true. On a press release, there is no exact date or venue announced yet for “Menjagal Kewarasan” exhibition, but it is stated that it will be held at the end of June on a new venue that is kept secret for now. All we know that the venue is located within the city of Malang. The theme for the exhibition stem from an interview of Joshua Oppenheimer, the filmmaker of “The Act of Killing” and “Look of Silence” in which he spotlighted the constructed perception of “normal” and “good” by the society. The current social issues like modernization, consumerism, education, and environment make Nauval Firdaus questions all the things surrounding him. He thinks that most people tend to avoid these ongoing problems and a mere discussion will not bear any real results.

So, Nauval puts this concern on his head while doing a self reflection, ‘decapitating’ the conscious mind, surpassing the normality that is formed and shaped by society who often define or categorize what can be deemed as ‘normal’ and ‘right’. He finds the answer to his own questions in himself, and eventually the fruit of his thoughts is translated into artworks which will be on display later on.  “Besides it is my responsibility as an artist, to keep creating,” says Nauval. The 22-year-old artist hopes that his artworks could be an alternative thinking which gives its viewers a new perception. Later on, he also wish to see discussion about these social issues. Details about his upcoming exhibition is coming soon, so you’d better stay tuned or follow Nauval Firdaus on Instagram.