Tahu Brontak Egaliter Music VideoOrkes Unit, Tahu Brontak Reveal A Music Video for “Egaliter”

Tahu Brontak is an orkes unit hailing from the cold city of Batu, East Java. Orkes which is a music ensemble of that is influenced by folk, dangdut, and a lot of fun is a genre on its own. Tahu Brontak recently released a music video for their single called “Egaliter”. Adam (vocal), Ari (backing vocal), Abid (lead guitar), Alfi (bass), Dimas (drum), Hagi (percussion), Wahyu (percussion) and Chandra (mandolin) bring the concept of equality on this song. The band brings the social issue with a light approach that is wrapped in a joking manner. Directed by Dedi Widianto, the music video is set in black and white tone and takes a traditional market as the background set. This is not without a reason, because market is a place where people from various backgrounds could interact well. “Egaliter” itself means that all human actually has the same position, and no one is better than the other. It is also said that with simplicity and equality, people could live harmoniously.

Tahu Brontak Egaliter Music Video
Egaliter Artwork

Furthermore, Tahu Brontak want to convey a message that there is no gap between the members and the fans outside of the stage. They try to steer clear from ‘celebrities’ image who tend to put distance between them and their fans. With the lyrics like No idol, No heroes, No leader sung in the song, the band said that we are all the same upon the Almighty God. With this mindset, Tahu Brontak want us to share love, respect, and togetherness with other people. If you listen closely, you might find a little unfamiliar lyrics that turn out to be their homage to their roots. They insert the use of Malang’s slang words who usually change some words to be written or said in reverse or as we say it “walikan”. Follow Tahu Brontak strolling around the market and spotlight the interaction between the sellers and the buyers on the video below.