Brother D Planet Sinting SingleBrother D Reveals New Rap Single “Planet Sinting” from Upcoming Solo Album

Brother D steps up his rap game up by releasing a new single called “Planet Sinting”. He is a member of hiphop collective X Calibour from Surabaya and this time he goes solo with an upcoming album planned to be released in September 2017. Starting out with Indonesian classic song as a sample in the beginning, Brother D spits out rhymes after rhymes and builds up bars in Indonesian and a little English thrown here and there. He combines it with fresh hip hop beats and the song encourages you to think, reflect, jump, and open our minds to the social issues and reality that happen around us. He is considered a veteran in hiphop scene after 24 years with X Calibour, and previously he has revealed a solo single in 2009 called “RapNRoll” via Medical Music. In 2014 he released an album with X Calibour called “XCalibour Miracle Tentacle” which forced him to put his solo career aside. Starting from 2016, he has been preparing the materials for his upcoming solo album called “Black Coffee”.

In this song, Brother D works with other musicians like REI music on the single “Planet Sinting”. REI is known to be the founder of @goodnws , a music movement with the influence of electronic, soul, funk, jazz and hip hop. In the single, REI crafted the beats around the Indonesian classic song’s sample. Both of them have previously collaborated on a song called “Pada Paduka”. “Planet Sinting” which means crazy planet refers to the insane situation in politics and social that have been happening to our planet earth, whether it’s in Indonesia or other countries. The track which has been revealed on Brother D’s Soundcloud from 12 June 2017 features an artwork made by Surabaya’s visual artist, Dwiky Ka. Get pumped and get yourself woke with the new song from Brother D here.