Bin Idris Rukun Warga SingleBin Idris Reveals Second Single “Rukun Warga” from ‘Ramadhan’ Album

Bin Idris, the solo project from Haikal Azizi is being productive during Ramadhan this year by launching an album. Yesterday, on 17 April 2017 Bin Idris reveals the second single from this album called “Rukun Warga” on his Soundcloud account. Beforehand, the first single called “Hari Sudah Petang” has been revealed also on the same platform. Haikal Azizi said that “Rukun Warga” is one of the first material he wrote for this Ramadhan album. Therefore the theme and formula from this song becomes a blueprint for other songs in this record. He was inspired by the chaos and turmoil that happened on the social media platform during the election time at Special Regions of Jakarta. As much as we would like to steer clear from any political issues, we have to admit that that time was one of the most intense experience. Bin Idris took the phenomenon into one of the most basic unit in society which is “Rukun Warga”.

When commotion erupt in a neighborhood, the most logical thing to end it is using discussion to settle the problems. It is usually led by chief of the neighborhood which is Pak RW or Pak RT. Sadly, the same thing does not apply on virtual world as it is an anarchy world on the internet without any commander to put things in order or warn people who have crossed the line. On “Rukun Warga”, Bin Idris was assisted by Baya from Mr. Sonjaya to play the Udu and tambourine on the song. Robby Wahyudi’s photograph is chosen as the artwork of the single and it was shot during Mayday 2017 march. When the labors who protested over their rights were taking a break and eat together from the same plate. You can listen to the acoustic guitar driven song on the link below via Soundcloud and the lyrics can be found on the description.

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