Collapse Cold November Music Video
Andika Surya of Collapse
Collapse Reveal Their Latest Visual for New Single “Cold November”

Bandung’s emo band fronted by Andika Surya, Collapse, have just revealed their latest visual for single “Cold November”. The single is taken from the band’s mini album “Grief” deluxe edition that is released on 10-inch vinyl format via Hearing Eye Records. This song is an addition to the existing tracklist that can be found exclusively on the vinyl which was released back in April during Record Store Day 2017 celebration. The solo project of Andika Surya who is the guitarist of band ALICE, has gained popularity among indie scene for its excellent music and catchy visuals. On the contrary of the color palette from “Given” music video which is bright and colorful, the visual for “Cold November” uses dark and melancholic palette with black and white cinematography as well as blue and gray-ish tone for the colored ones. As the meaning of the song itself, Andika explains, “This song has a simple theme of falling in love. When we’re ready to accept any consequence, from happiness to sorrow.” The single has straighforward melodies which will remind you of a tune you might have heard before, but we can not pinpoint which song it is to be exact.

Collapse Cold November Music Video
The vinyl of “Grief” mini album

This video was directed by the man himself and shot by Gibran Panjisakhi and Bacheca Pasca. The female talent you watch in the video is no other than Amelia Vindy. Cited from Rolling Stone Indonesia, for the re-issue of the “Grief” mini album in vinyl format, Hearing Eye Records through its representative, Raja says, “As a friend and fan of the musicality of Andika Surya, we feel that Collapse deserve to be listened in a fine quality format. As an album, Grief with all its stories, artwork, and music behind it, is worth to be listened and enjoyed in a different experience, which is in a vinyl format.” The regular version of “Grief” mini album can be found in CD and cassette tapes format as well as digital which is released via Royal Yawns, an independent record label from Bandung. Watch the video of “Cold November” below and grab your “Grief” deluxe edition here.