Payung Teduh Akad SinglePayung Teduh Get Romantic on New Single “Akad”

Marriage is something sacred and beautiful, an ending to a long wander and a beginning to a whole new world. Folk group, Payung Teduh capture the essence of the holy matrimony in their new single called “Akad”. It is their first single after a while since they released their studio album “Dunia Batas” in 2014 and a live session album in 2016. Mohammad Istiqamah Djamad a.k.a Is (vocal, guitar), Comi (contrabass), Alejandro Saksakame a.k.a Cito (drum) and Ivan (guitarlele, trumpet) have frequently perform on stage and thus taking a long time to put together their new album. During the long period, they have gone through many things including their own member tying the knot with their loved ones. This time Payung Teduh offer one of their most romantic single yet with this song. As obvious as the title suggests, the single talks about the moment when a man and a woman are unified in front of God, family, and closest relatives within the bond of marriage. The tale is interpreted into beautiful melodies a la Payung Teduh and the arrangement becomes more grande with the addition of string section and trumpet.

Payung Teduh Akad SingleThe lyrics are pretty blunt and depict a fairy tale like fantasy when a man ask a woman to be his forever wife. This single has been premiered earlier with a live session that was digitally streamed through the band’s social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Starting from 16.30 up to 17.00, Payung Teduh brought the rendition of “Akad” live for the fans to enjoy. This song has been performed on several occasion and the videos can be seen roaming around the internet, so don’t be sad if you miss out their live streaming session. Moreover, the release of “Akad” also signifies that the unit are going to reveal their upcoming album soon. Hey, it is time to move on from “Untuk Perempuan Yang Sedang Di Pelukan” right? Watch them perform “Akad” live below.