BVAS Muara Murka SingleBVAS, Surabaya’s Stone Rockers Reveal New Single “Muara Murka”

BVAS are a stone rock unit hailing from Surabaya, and in early June, the band reveal their newest work called “Muara Murka”. This becomes the first step from BVAS before releasing their second mini album with the same title that will be out on 17 June 2017. This time, the album will be released via Kediri’s record label called Resting Hell and you will be able to obtain the album in CD format. Using metaphorical yet blunt lyrics in the song, “Muara Murka” is filled with lots of solid guitar riffs with lots of distortion. BVAS utilize part scream and part spoken words to sing the song which makes “Muara Murka” sound aggressive. As the meaning of the song itself, it tells about reality of life that is happening now, when many people use sophisticated and rather intricate language to con people in a such intellectual way. It is clearly stated in a part of the lyrics that say “mengobral gaya bicara berujung dusta…” In the mini album of “Muara Murka”, there will be three new materials which are titled “Retorika Dosa”, “Tikam Menikam” and of course “Muara Murka”.

“Tikam Menikam” has been played on several occasions for their live performances prior to this mini album release. The band explain through a press release, that in this new album they try to accentuate their character to be heavier sounding and further experiment on the riffs on each track. As we have heard from this first single as well, it is said that the vocal in this album will be more ferocious. Bayu (vox), Ade (guitar), Prass (lead guitar), Heru (bass) and Fadly (drum) from BVAS have previously released their first mini album called “Agresi” back in 2014. If you have a hard time pronouncing their name, BVAS explain it through their Facebook page that they are pronounced as “Buas” or the Indonesian term for ‘wild’. Their new single “Muara Murka” is suitable for maximum volume and it should be directly addressed to those liars who are sly with words. Enjoy!