Stars and Rabbit Man Upon The Hill Music VideoStars and Rabbit Reveal A Glorious Music Video for “Man Upon The Hill”

Folk duo hailing from Yogyakarta, Stars and Rabbit finally reveal their latest music video for much loved hit “Man Upon The Hill” taken from their album “Constellation”. Shot in Sumba at East Nusa Tenggara, the video is directed by Bona Palma with the help from Arief Pribadi as a senior Director of Photography. The gorgeous video tells about the concept of life cycle. It elaborates about the symbols of human and nature’s relationship and Elda and Adi are portrayed as two co-existing entities who do not realize that they are connected to one another because the difference in time and space. In one way, they are still connected and over time they will always look for one another. “Being in nature surprisingly connects you to your own deepest thoughts and feelings, and only in that way you can really listen to them.” utters Elda. This song befits the whole concept of the music video and there is no more beautiful than seeing the audio comes to life with such gorgeous visualization, whether from its landscape shot or kaleidoscopic and other visual effects.

Stars and Rabbit Man Upon The Hill Music VideoElda can be seen wearing a third eye prosthetic on her face and it makes her look like a walking goddess. While Adi exchanges his usual acoustic guitar for a more tree root looking instrument. The splendid visual is accompanied by the perfect selection of wardrobe that Stars and Rabbit wear in these scenes. They also involved local children and citizens to star in their music video and further adds authenticity in “Man Upon The Hill” music video. “This song was created in an open nature, so the music video was done in an open air as well. Sumba coincidentally could represent all the visual needs for this music video,” adds Adi. Moreover, the duo have just finished their Baby Eyes Asian Tour by visiting several countries in Asia. They are also still active with live performances as a solo act, as well as their collaboration project with electronic duo from Bandung, Bottlesmoker. Watch and indulge yourself in these scenic shots of “Man Upon The Hill” video below.