Stratton Movie ReviewReview: Stratton Is A Mediocre British Espionage Film

Stratton is a British action/thriller movie directed by Simon West and has Dominic Cooper as its lead role. Dominic Cooper acts as Jonathan Stratton, an agent of Special Boat Service under MI6, British espionage department. He is an operator who works with Tyler Hoechlin (Marty), an American agent to investigate a laboratory in Iran that is claimed to produce biochemical weapons. This mission goes terribly wrong and it causes Marty to be injured and incapable of continuing or finishing the mission. Seeing his partner becomes disabled, Stratton goes frustrated and he knows that his American friend can not be saved. With this loss, Stratton is summoned by the boss of MI6 to go on another mission that is a threat to the security of the nation. There is an information saying that a former Soviet agent played by Thomas Kretschmann named Barovski is on the move to do a revenge using stolen chemical weapons. The agent who is thought to be dead already, has planned to take down the one who used to hire him. Stratton and his team have to track down the terrorist cell down to the smallest agent to make the disaster stop happening.

Stratton Movie Review
Behind the scene of Stratton

The movie was terribly flat from start to finish, it is your cliché espionage film that can even make the last movie from James Bond franchise looks wonderful. The secret mission that agent Stratton embarks upon is predictable without any surprising point that can make our eyes glued to the screen. Dominic Cooper fails to enliven the persona of a badass secret agent, it is highly possible that Henry Cavill’s last minute decision to pull out from this film was the reason for it (he was originally plotted to be Jonathan Stratton). It lacks that charming figure of a spy that the audience love. In the end, the mission was successfully done and to make it worse there was a love plot going on from the middle to the end. Gemma Chan who plays as another agent fell in love with Stratton during this mission. In the end they both agreed to go on a date. Well, for a film which is categorized as an action/thriller movie, this sure drifts far away from what we expected. You could go on and watch this movie if you have nothing to do but have too much money or you want to get a good laugh at how bad an espionage movie can be. Watch the trailer below and the movie is available on theaters near you!

Reviewer: intan Maharani/Editor: Novita Widia