Puti Chitara Goodnight Tour in Malang
Puti Chitara with Mirza
Report: Puti Chitara Goodnight Tour in Malang with ZIO from Dialog Dini Hari and Christabel Annora

On Sunday (5/14), Puti Chitara held a small and intimate concert at Rumah Opa Malang for her Goodnight Tour. Before her performance, there were two musicians as the opening acts. Christabel Annora, a talented singer and pianist from Malang became the first performer. She brought her own tunes from “Talking Days” album as well as a cover of Efek Rumah Kaca called “Desember”. Upon cheering crowd, Christabel Annora’s stage was followed by ZIO who is known as the bassist of folk band from Bali, Dialog Dini Hari. Performing solo, ZIO played his original compositions on bass as well as keyboard and also showcases his gorgeous voice to the audience. Despite all the awkwardness of performing alone, ZIO managed to interact with the audience and told stories behind his songs.

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As the last and main performer of the day, Puti Chitara clad in an all black ensemble greeted the crowd that night. She did not come alone, as guitarist Mirza accompanied her keyboard set with his electric guitar. In some new arrangements, Puti sang the songs from her “Goodnight” album and debut solo album. Her songs like “Sarsaparilla Dreams”, “Stratosphere” or “Goodnight” were sung beautifully. There was also a booth that sold her album in CD format and merchandise in the form of T-shirt. Enjoy some of the photo outtakes from the small concert in Malang. On Friday, 19 May 2017 Puti Chitara will continue her Goodnight Tour in Yogyakarta with opening acts from Hana Fairuz and Gardika Gigih at IFI-LIP Yogyakarta. The tour in Yogyakarta is also more festive with the addition of artwork competition held by the committee. The winners will have their artworks displayed on the concert venue with special invitation to the show as well as prize money. Follow her Instagram for more updates about her album, tour, and future projects.