Ka Awang Awang Salah Sasaran Single
New formation of Ka Awang Awang
Ka Awang Awang Serve Sundanese Folk Tune with “Salah Sasaran”

Ridwan (guitar, vocal), Digun (flute, vocal) and Zulfikar (cajon/percussion, vocal) from folk experimental band Ka Awang Awang have released their second single called “Salah Sasaran”. Previously the band which were formed in 2014 have debuted with a track titled “Repeat”. The new song was inspired by an event that happened on March last year. So they decided to write a song out of it and revealed it just now. A love story that was experienced by a member of Ka Awang Awang became the influence in this song and it can be seen from the lyrics. They are meaningful and full of hope. The moral of the story is, there is no a wrong target if you have decided to love someone. The feeling of love makes you want to think about the future, even though it takes a long time. Once again, the flute section becomes the core characteristic of the band’s music and compared to previous single, “Salah Sasaran” seems to take a less uplifting route, and it makes the whole vibe more somber and calm. It still has a thick traditional Sundanese influence in it.

Ka Awang Awang Salah Sasaran Single
The artwork of Salah Sasaran

They hope to convey their emotion through this song for the listeners to enjoy. Moreover, the folk pop/experimental unit are planning to make and launch their debut album in 2017 and it will bear the same theme as the songs they have revealed so far. If you have noticed, the formation of the band have changed, but through their official website Ka Awang Awang explain that their music will still remain the same as before. The latest news of the members change was informed on 16 April. It is also announced that the band will appear on June 1st on a gig during ART|JOG 10 in Yogyakarta. “Salah Sasaran” has been able to be streamed on digital streaming services like Soundcloud or Youtube. Listen to the track by Ka Awang Awang below.