PISSS Vol.1 ReviewReview: PISSS – Partying is Such Sweet Sorrow Vol.1 in Bandung, Unifying Veteran Hardcore and Pop Punk Bands in Bandung

That afternoon was still vivid in my memory, Bandung was drizzled in rain. On April 30th I had to attend an event titled PISSS (Partying Is Such Sweet Sorrow) Vol.1. This event was held by a renown event organizer, BigBright. Beforehand I have read the line up for this event from the poster, and I admitted that they all have their own charms and those bands are considered veterans in hardcore and pop punk scene in Bandung. I remember being a middle school student and these names had started their careers since then. Taking place at Institute Francais Indonesie (IFI) Bandung, Domestik Doktrin were playing their set when I arrived. People were seen yelling, jumping and sang along like there was no tomorrow. Despite having a pretty much solid line-up, compared to the size of the venue there was not much people turning up. Authority, Dirty Dolls, Full Of Hate, Nudist Island, Unlucky Stuntman and Cometrue are among the performers of that day.

PISSS Vol.1 Review
Nudist Island

After Domestik Doktrin, Nudist Island began their set and seeing them live was like reliving my younger days memory, it did not hit me how much I miss this band until I saw them perform. “Radio” was one of my favorite track from them and I happily sang aloud to that tune when it was sung. That night, Nudist Island was assisted by Andika Surya whose solo project, Collapse, is becoming the trend in the current indie music scene. Next up there was Unlucky Stuntman who offer pop punk music ala Descendents or MXPX. Their energetic and fun performance entertained the visitors and I personally was blown away by their stage act, although there was not much moshing or stage dive included. Later on, as the event grew quiter, I decided to leave the spot. Other than having a low battery on my camera, I found out that this event did not live up to my expectation. I don’t know why such a grand event like this that should be a momentum to unify the veterans of hardcore and pop punk bands in Bandung did not attract the mass. It might be the weather, the expensive admission ticket or something else. I went home that night with a hope that next event would be merrier and livelier.

PISSS Vol.1 Review
Unlucky Stuntman

Writer & Pic : Zakaria Arya/Editor: Novita Widia